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Who we are

We live in a world that presents new challenges and needs, comparing it to what happened in the past decades. It is a world of technology, and we are passionate about everything that revolves around IT, new technologies and efficiency. We were born due to the electronic developments, and we want to give a helping hand to either those who can not keep up with the new trends, and those willing to plan a better life, especially in regards to finance.

Here, at FinTechpay, everybody does both, strategy and less-desirable activities. We value team's unity and our perspectives. We try to keep a balance between our professional and personal lives, as we try to bring people and technology together.

Ștefan Gavaniuc, CEO

The team


  • Ștefan Gavaniuc

    Ștefan Gavaniuc, CEO and founder

  • Izabela Gavaniuc

    Izabela Gavaniuc, HR Manager and founder


  • Sorina Meleanu

    Sorina Meleanu, billing

  • Georgia Jura

    George Jura, IT

  • Delia Iosif

    Delia Iosif, analysis and prospecting

  • Laurențiu Pârcălab

    Laurențiu Pârcălab, PR

  • Costin Tabără

    Costin Tabără, marketing

  • Lazăr Ionescu

    Lazăr Ionescu, analyst